Race Rules

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Race Rules

In order to run an effective and safe event, we ask that all teams abide by the same rules. These rules are in place according to contract with governing bodies and permits needed to run the event. We have tried to simplify the rules and make them runner friendly. Please let us know if you need any clarification. Thanks for your participation. Start time is 6:30 am.

Men’s Division = Team is comprised of all men.
Women’s Division= Team is comprised of women.
Co-Ed Division= Team must have at least three women.

Running Course Rules
Each runner must complete at least two legs of the course for a team to not be disqualified. Event staff will be at each exchange zone to record the teams through the exchange. There will be no exceptions for injury or any other reasons. If each team member does not complete at least two legs then your team will be allowed to complete the course but you will not be considered for the division awards. Headphones are allowed on the course. Runners will need to be aware of their surroundings because this is not a closed course.

Exchange Zones
Each leg of the course will finish with an exchange zone. Each zone will be clearly marked. Teams are NOT allowed to exchange at any other location on the course. All handoffs will be touch handoffs. The runner completing the leg will touch the runner of the next leg in the designated area. This is a simple way to exchange and will allow the runners to transition in the easiest way possible.

Team Vehicle
Each team will be allowed one support vehicle only. This course is short, so transition from one exchange zone to the next quickly to avoid missing an exchange. Please obey all traffic laws and do not drive with excessive speed or recklessly. Please yield to the runners and be careful of OHV’s, pedestrians and other traffic. This is an OPEN course. Teams will be penalized 30 minutes for any driving violations.

Medical Assistance
There will be EMT’s driving the course during the entire event. If any runner needs medical assistance then you should notify any volunteer at the exchange zone. There will also be event staff following the last runner and driving ahead of the first runner. You will be given a number at the team captains meeting to call during the race for any emergencies. It is your responsibility to notify event staff of any emergencies.

Aid Stations
There will be no aid stations along the race course. Each team is responsible for providing food and beverages for their own team. There are not many stores to buy food along the way of this course. Please plan ahead and have plenty of food and water for the duration of the event. There are several places on each leg where you can stop and give aid to runners on your team if it is needed. Each team is responsible for their trash. Do not litter along the race course. There will be trash cans along the race course and make sure all your garbage ends up in one of them! There will be post race refreshments for all teams at the City Park pavilion.

Runner Directions
Runners will need to follow all directions listed in the course descriptions. Each leg will be clearly marked for the runners with direction arrows and cones. We will also put down direction arrows with gypsum on the road. If you are asked to run on a specific shoulder please do so. Do not vary from the directions given. If a runner gets lost and varies from the official race course then they must return to the last spot on the course and resume their run. The team vehicle may return them to where they left the course, but may not advance them along the race course to make up for lost time. DO NOT TAKE SHORT CUTS. This is not allowed. Your team will be disqualified if you are found deviating from the official race course.

Bib Numbers
Each team will be given 6 bib numbers with the same number on them. The runner who will be completing the final leg will need to wear the bib with the pull off tab on it. This number will be how event staff will monitor exchange zones. Please help us out and wear the bib numbers while you are running.

There will be restrooms at each exchange zone. We will have portable restrooms at any exchange zone that does not have restroom facilities. Some of the exchange zones have pit toilets or flush toilet restrooms. There is no penalty for going along-side the road, but please be considerate of others and do not go in any residential areas.

Inclement Weather
We will hold this event rain or shine. If there is severe lightning then we will delay for 30 minutes or however long is needed to resume. If there are any delays because of lightning we will adjust the delay from your overall time.

Parking instructions for each exchange zone are listed in the route descriptions. Park with your vehicle in the direction of the exit. Please park in the areas listed and be respectful of other participants. When you leave the exchange zone please be considerate of other runners and do not interfere with the exchange zone. Leave the parking area as quickly as possible once your runner has left.

Race Packet Pickup
Race packets may be picked up at the  Chamber Booth at the Richfield City Park from 12 - 9 pm on the Friday before race day or from 6 - 6:30 am at the race start location.

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